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posted 17 Aug 2010, 03:29 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 17 Aug 2010, 03:45 ]
and here we go!

Still, I haven't got used to my new email..luckily i was not too late for the form i had to fill up for 2High Fest. Since last time working alone in Single Duet, I has been thinking of working with myself again. I thought i was pretty good working alone, however i was wrong, there's another side of the world that i can never imagine how complicated it is. This time, at 2High, from filling up the form i've realized, all the work behind the scene is hard, HARD.

A good thing is that, from the question that 2High asked, I get to worry about these things at the early stage, get myself prepared, organized and I start slowly considering and structuring Hidden.

I don't know where 2High will provide me to dance, but i wonder it will be great if my 'live-displayed exhibition like' stage can be placed somewhere inside Powerhouse building so that the audience can walking in between Joff and I and getting really close to see my movement in detail.

Can I make a moment that stays in your mind? it may not be big, it may not be cool, but somehow it may make you feel i touch of something...