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Where: Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts
   109 Edward Street Brisbane City
When: 7.30pm Tuesday-Saturday, 1st-5th June 2010

Ticket: $12 Groups 10+, $16 Concession, $20 Adult

Booking online!(Show's finished for now)

What do Sneakers, Knickers, Hip Hop, Theatre, Live/Digitalised Music have in common?
That would be everything SEXY

Cue LightsPlease...

Come and check out the brand new performance piece by Brisbane’s most exciting new Hip Hop/Theatre troupe SexyKnickers.

Mashed up, mixed down, compressed and ready for distribution. Rewind.
It's time to divorce the digital to marry the live.

Dance, slam poetry, live and digitalised music combine in this interactive performance piece where the line between audience and performance shifts, bends, blurs and breaks. Don’t ask questions. Let your feet do the talking. We’ll do the rest.

Genevieve Butler, Courtney Stewart, Michael Doherty, Imraan Paleker, Joff Bush (Jonathan Bush), Fenlan Chuang, Kimie Mizuno, Oluwaseun Kolade (MJ), David Halaufia, Jeff Paton, Callum Robertson


posted 30 May 2010, 20:38 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 30 May 2010, 20:50 ]

Finally, i got to take some photos of my lovely musician, JOFF!


posted 27 May 2010, 20:37 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 27 May 2010, 20:46 ]

"How are you today"
"Hmm~good, but very very tired"

A lot of performers and musicians have more than one job in their lives. Some related to what they love or learn, some aren't. I really really respect these artists, who may be suffering from the cost of living, but still, dreaming.

As long as they're holding their instruments, they forget about their tiredness; as long as they're standing on a piece of black dirty stage, they feel alive and dance.

Lights! Please!


posted 26 May 2010, 21:08 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 18 Aug 2010, 15:56 ]


oh! First day into the theatre. Sadly my Joff was not here tonight with us. It was really weird for me to do my section with another musician with the same theme that both Joff and I found through rehearsing /jamming process. However, getting to work with someone else's music was amazing!

Suck the floor was dirty and kill my new pair of brown socks but it was all worth it.

Wow, looked at the graffiti at the stage background~ they were really cool!


posted 23 May 2010, 06:49 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 23 May 2010, 17:34 ]

I cannot get away my gaze from MJ when he's dancing. Free and delightful!


posted 22 May 2010, 18:26 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 24 May 2010, 01:12 ]

photographed by Benjamin Schostakowski

First Jam with every one

5-7pm: Joff and me
Tonight, i wanna try something different. I told Joff i want to play nothing related to LightsPlease just to getting more material happening. Instead of being Joff's "Muse", I was listening to Joff's music.

He said sometimes he played Jazz music at restaurants so he played some today in the studio. A second of hesitation, i was too scared to dance in other genre dance besides contemporary dance. But i also believe it was also such a challenge for Joff to firstly watching a mover dancing, and improvising his music last time. so, i stayed brave, and swinging my hip with joy. I heard the music jumping up and down and i imaged Joff's fingers dancing with me...

9-11pm: First Jam with everone!
Different to a dance rehearsal, to organise those musicians sit down and be quite see ms a mission impossible. As long as they grabbed their gigs, they started playing and enjoying their mu sic completely! I was wondering how come i couldn't be as free as they could? I wondered why i am always hesitated dancing, and showing what i love to do in front of people?

Courney spent quite a lit of time organising the musicians and getting them quiet for a while. And we started running the whole stuff. the whole piece started with Joff and me, i was lying on the floor waking up by Joff's accordion breathing...into a music travelling along the world, music battle, drummer and his Queen, digital music fun and finale...

From being confused, til now I slowly understand LightsP lease...


posted 19 May 2010, 17:45 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 23 May 2010, 17:34 ]

Nice to meet you Joff!

I've been craving to working with live musician and lucky a friend of mine, Genevieve, came and invited me to join LightsPlease, a show combines with performing arts, drama, street dance, hip hop, digital and instrumental music. Therefore, I got to meet Joff Bush today.

It was really difficult to work with someone who's not a dancer or a choreographer. We had different language and point of view to describe and understand ideas, and to find a common language in order to communicate with each other becomes the first priority. Instead of spending a lot of time talking, I got changed and Joff got his accordion ready. We started improvising together and the rule was: Joff had to observe me to change his music, on the other hand, i was his cause, and he was my effect.

It took us a while to get use to listen and see each other and sometimes Music and movements didn't really together but after a while i started to focus on listening to Joff's "voice" and "communicate" with him through my movements. I repeated a lot to get his attention and to see if there's other options for him to play on the same movements. The process became quiet, but engaged.

Instead of fully manipulating Joff's music, we became together. Sometimes, i "told" him what to do without vocal but my movements, and he followed and soon Joff's music influenced my movement quality as well. and I felt we were "composing" something through our head become music and dance and searching for the same image that we created.

I played tricky sometimes, I froze my movement in the middle of no where to check if Joff was still "seeing" me moving. Sometimes he did, and sometimes he didn't and funny thing was he "woke up" in a sudden, and re-focus again and we both flipped into the next page.


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