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posted 22 May 2010, 18:26 by FenLan Chuang   [ updated 24 May 2010, 01:12 ]
photographed by Benjamin Schostakowski

First Jam with every one

5-7pm: Joff and me
Tonight, i wanna try something different. I told Joff i want to play nothing related to LightsPlease just to getting more material happening. Instead of being Joff's "Muse", I was listening to Joff's music.

He said sometimes he played Jazz music at restaurants so he played some today in the studio. A second of hesitation, i was too scared to dance in other genre dance besides contemporary dance. But i also believe it was also such a challenge for Joff to firstly watching a mover dancing, and improvising his music last time. so, i stayed brave, and swinging my hip with joy. I heard the music jumping up and down and i imaged Joff's fingers dancing with me...

9-11pm: First Jam with everone!
Different to a dance rehearsal, to organise those musicians sit down and be quite see ms a mission impossible. As long as they grabbed their gigs, they started playing and enjoying their mu sic completely! I was wondering how come i couldn't be as free as they could? I wondered why i am always hesitated dancing, and showing what i love to do in front of people?

Courney spent quite a lit of time organising the musicians and getting them quiet for a while. And we started running the whole stuff. the whole piece started with Joff and me, i was lying on the floor waking up by Joff's accordion breathing...into a music travelling along the world, music battle, drummer and his Queen, digital music fun and finale...

From being confused, til now I slowly understand LightsP lease...