As a Photographer...

FenLan is a Brisbane-based photographer and dancer with an interdisciplinary practice which connects her choreography and performance skills in cross-cultural contexts.

Since 2008, FenLan has worked with several freelancers and performing arts companies in dance, music, and theatre.

Artists and Companies FenLan has photographically worked with:

  • Alice Hinde

  • Elise May

  • Claire Marshall

  • Nerida Matthaei

  • Jeremy Neideck

  • Ron Seeto

  • Lisa Wilson

  • Liesel Zink

  • MakeShift Dance Collectives

  • Zeta Dance Group

  • Ballet Theatre of QLD

  • QUT Dance

  • Motherboard productions

  • Expressions Danace Company

  • Queensland Ballet

  • Imaginary Theatre

  • The Good Room

  • MacGregor State High School

With FenLan’s well experiences in stage photography, understanding of body gestures and movements, and also the artistic eyes of capturing great moments accurately, FenLan has also been photographing weddings, engagements, newborns, family portrait, and personal headshot and portrait.

As a Dancer...

FenLan is a Brisbane-based dancer and photographer with an interdisciplinary practice which connects her choreography in cross-cultural contexts. FenLan started her Chinese Dance training at the age of five and has been influenced by contemporary and Ballet since she travelled abroad to Brisbane and completed her dance degree at QUT Dance. During FenLan’s study at QUT Dance, she has worked with Elise May, Rosetta Cook, Frances Rings, Shaaron Boughen and Brian Lucas, and participated in International Dance Festival in Hong Kong. Soon after graduate, FenLan immigrated to Australia, and has choreographically involved in Soft Landing 2007, World Dance Alliance (ChoreoLab) 2008, Dance week 2010 (Choreography and improvisation), 2High Festival 2010-2011, AusDance QLD Bell Jar (ChoreoLab) 2011, and often involved as both dancer and photographer for Liesel Zink’s dance works.