What do Sneakers, Knickers, Hip Hop, Theatre, Live/Digitalised Music have in common?

That would be everything SEXY

Cue LightsPlease...

Come and check out the brand new performance piece by Brisbane’s most exciting new Hip Hop/Theatre troupe SexyKnickers.

Mashed up, mixed down, compressed and ready for distribution. Rewind.

It's time to divorce the digital to marry the live.

Dance, slam poetry, live and digitalised music combine in this interactive performance piece where the line between audience and performance shifts, bends, blurs and breaks. Don’t ask questions. Let your feet do the talking. We’ll do the rest.


Genevieve Butler, Courtney Stewart, Michael Doherty, Imraan Paleker, Joff Bush (Jonathan Bush), Fenlan Chuang, Kimie Mizuno, Oluwaseun Kolade (MJ), David Halaufia, Jeff Paton, Callum Robertson

Where: Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

109 Edward Street Brisbane City

When: 7.30pm Tuesday-Saturday, 1st-5th June 2010

Ticket: $12 Groups 10+, $16 Concession, $20 Adult

Booking online!(Show's finished for now)


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