Post date: May 20, 2010 12:45:37 AM

Nice to meet you Joff!

I've been craving to working with live musician and lucky a friend of mine, Genevieve, came and invited me to join LightsPlease, a show combines with performing arts, drama, street dance, hip hop, digital and instrumental music. Therefore, I got to meet Joff Bush today.

It was really difficult to work with someone who's not a dancer or a choreographer. We had different language and point of view to describe and understand ideas, and to find a common language in order to communicate with each other becomes the first priority. Instead of spending a lot of time talking, I got changed and Joff got his accordion ready. We started improvising together and the rule was: Joff had to observe me to change his music, on the other hand, i was his cause, and he was my effect.

It took us a while to get use to listen and see each other and sometimes Music and movements didn't really together but after a while i started to focus on listening to Joff's "voice" and "communicate" with him through my movements. I repeated a lot to get his attention and to see if there's other options for him to play on the same movements. The process became quiet, but engaged.

Instead of fully manipulating Joff's music, we became together. Sometimes, i "told" him what to do without vocal but my movements, and he followed and soon Joff's music influenced my movement quality as well. and I felt we were "composing" something through our head become music and dance and searching for the same image that we created.

I played tricky sometimes, I froze my movement in the middle of no where to check if Joff was still "seeing" me moving. Sometimes he did, and sometimes he didn't and funny thing was he "woke up" in a sudden, and re-focus again and we both flipped into the next page.