I am at the junction of loving

Looking back in time

Standing Still

Feeling my heart shattered

As falling petals

Without tears, but bitter



This work explores a slip-through relatioship that questions myself if I am only allowed to feel for someone 'one at the time'. However, is there a rule of loving? This piece is based on love, my story with him. I am at the junction of loving, not making any choices. To feel pain and hurt is the way i can believe this story is beautifully bittersweet. I'd love to keep this story misty, confusing, and questioning. And hopefully, to make you think of any moment like this in your life. a little wimple, a touch of something in your heart.

When: Thu 6 & Fri 7 May, 7.00pm

Where: Judith Wight Centre Shopfront

Price: Free. Bookings essential.

Booking details:

Ausdance Queensland or 07 3852 3655